عایق برد سرنگی uv مکانیک Mechanic LY-UVH900

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عایق برد سرنگی uv مکانیک Mechanic LYH900

چسب UV یا همان عایق کننده برد یک ابزار بسیار کار امد برای تعمیر برد های الکترونیکی از جمله برد های موبایل میباشد برای مثال زمانی که شما سیم کشی رو برد انجام میدهید با این چسب میتوانید انرا عایق کنید.

Mechanic LY-UVH900 UV curable solder mask

۱۰cc syringe

The next best thing since no-clean flux! UV curable solder mask is non-conductive won’t dry up in the tube like traditional conformal coating. Even better, it has a virtually unlimited working time until UV light is applied to cure and dry the solder mask. Perfect for protecting trace repairs and covering up jumper wires. Try it and you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Purchase the UV curing laser separately for quick and easy curing within seconds.

– Provide ultimate protection against oxidation for the copper traces of a PCB or BGA
– Effectively prevent solder bridges from forming between closely spaced solder pads
– Also essential during the repairing of printed circuit boards
– Made of high-grade material, safe and reliable
– Filled in the syringe, easy to use Specifications
– Weight: 0.81oz / 23g
– Type: LY-UVH900
– Volume: 10cc
– Applications for: PCB & BGA
– Dimensions: (3.74 x 1.34)” / (۹٫۵ x 3.4)cm (L x Dia.)
– Color: Green Package Includes
– ۱ x Resistance Welding Green Oil


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